Learn and Earn Project (1-3 ppl per team)

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Learn and Earn Project (1-3 ppl per team)

Post  admin on Sun Oct 27, 2013 11:48 pm

The Learn and Earn Project is a chapter project that develops business and marketing knowledge and skills. Positive earning outcomes in this project are not as critical to its success as the learning outcomes. The Learn and Earn Project applies entrepreneurial knowledge and skills to a single sales/service activity to be run as a real business venture. In a sense, the project is a chapter entrepreneurship project. The sales/service activity may focus on any subject of interest to the chapter and should involve the majority of the chapter members. School store projects may be appropriate, but should be planned around a new marketing program within the store. The project may begin at any time after the close of the previous year’s chartered association con- ference and run to the beginning of the next chartered association conference. An evaluation of the project’s planning, organization and implementation must be included in the report.

Maximum: 1 TEAM


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