Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling (Singles Comp)

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Hospitality and Tourism Professional Selling (Singles Comp)

Post  admin on Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:51 pm

For 2016-2017, the participant will assume the role of a salesperson for
a destination management company (DMC). A non-profit meeting manager is planning a four-day meeting for its 25 person board of directors in a downtown hotel. However, the meeting manager has asked the participantís DMC to arrange for VIP airport transfers and three nights of entertainment that takes advantage of the cityís unique culture.

The Professional Selling and Consulting Events provide an opportunity for participants to demonstrate skills needed for a career in sales and/or consulting. Participants will organize and deliver a sales presentation or consultation for one or more products/services/customers.

New products, services, and target market customers (prospects) will be identified annually. The participant will research an actual company he/she represents and real product(s)/services(s) to be presented. The participant will also research the target customer that the product/service will be presented to. Then the participant will present the product(s)/service(s) using the steps in the selling/consulting process to meet the needs of the customer (prospect).


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