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• This event consists of the three-part business prospectus describing a business the participant wants to develop and the oral presentation.
• The body of the written entry must be limited to 11 numbered pages, not including the title page and the table of contents.
• The Written Event Statement of Assurances must be signed and submitted with the entry. Do not include it in the page numbering.
• The participant will bring all visual aids to the event briefing. Only approved visual aids may be used during the presentation.
• The oral presentation may be a maximum of 20 minutes in length. The first 15 minutes will include a presentation of and defense for the prospectus followed by 5 minutes for the judge’s questions.
• The judge will evaluate the presentation, focusing on the effectiveness of public speaking and presentation skills and how well the participant responds to questions that the judge may ask during the 5 minutes following the presentation.


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