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• An individual series event consists of two major parts: a written comprehensive exam and two preliminary role-playing events. A third role-play activity will be given to finalists.
• The participant will be given a 100-question, multiple-choice, comprehensive exam testing knowledge of the National Curriculum Framework specific to each occupational area.
• The participant will be given a written scenario to review. It may indicate a product or service to sell; a merchandising decision; a situation involving communications, human relations, economics or professional development; or a business management consideration. The event description will inform the participant of the role he/she will play and the role the judge will play.
• In the role-playing portion of the event, participants must accomplish a task by translating what they have learned into effective, efficient and spontaneous action.
• A list of five performance indicators specific to the scenario is included in the participant’s instructions. These are distinct tasks the participant must accomplish during the role-play. The judge will evaluate the participant’s role-play performance on these tasks and on several follow-up questions.
• Participants will have 10 minutes to review the situation and to develop a professional approach to solving the problem. Participants may use notes made during the preparation time during the presentation.
• Up to 10 minutes are then allowed for the participant to interact with a competent judge and demonstrate how he/she would solve the situation or problem. The judge is a qualified business executive playing the role of second party in the situation. Following the role-play, the judge evaluates the participant’s responses and records the results on an evaluation form developed especially for each
role-play event.
• Participants may not bring printed reference materials, visual aids, etc., to the competitive event.
• Participants may not pass material of any kind to the judge.
• If any of these rules are violated, the adult assistant must be notified by the judge.
• The maximum score for the evaluation is 100 points.


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