Claiming Your Competition

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Claiming Your Competition

Post  admin on Sat Sep 13, 2008 3:22 am

To claim your competition, find one that you like and post your reply to it with your and your partner(s)' name(s) if applicable. Please put your graduating year, and if you plan to attend Nationals if you qualify as well. This means that unless an unforeseen event occurs, you will attend Nationals if you qualify. To indicate that you would, type "Y" and to indicate that you would not, type "N".

For example, if one partner group plans to attend Nationals upon qualifying, they will post "Jane Doe 2017 and John Smith 2017 Y" under their desired competition. If someone does not plan to attend nationals, they will post "George Johnson 2018 N"

*Note:If you do not plan to attend nationals, please do NOT sign up for a binder competition.

Each competition includes the maximum number of teams that can sign up. If that quota has been reached, please find a new competition. However, if you are signing up for a role play and a team has indicated with a 'N' that they do not plan to attend nationals, they do not count towards the maximum for that competition, so you may sign up.

Any extra posts will be deleted immediately. Also, the subject line should be left blank. If you post a reply BEFORE 8:00 AM on your registration day, your post will be deleted automatically. If you are confused about anything, email with your questions.


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